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Last Update: Aug 30, 2021

Dream Finance OÜ ("Company") is the company operating the CoinsPaid and CryptoProcessing brands.

The IDO (Initial DEX Offering) presented on the following page https://coinspaid.com/ido/ and various social media channels (Telegram, etc.) is not organized by the Company. The Company cannot either be held responsible for the correctness of the information provided via the above-mentioned channels.

The proceeds of the IDO will not benefit the Company, and the Company does not guarantee the acceptance of the CPD token. Holders of the CPD tokens are not entitled to any corporate rights (e.g., vote or receive dividends) or be deemed the holder of shares of the Company for any purpose. Also, holders of the CPD token are not allowed to obtain the Company's services without appropriate compliance procedures or in violation of the applicable laws.

People invited to participate in the CoinsPaid IDO should be extremely careful as the purchase of CPD tokens carries a substantial risk that could lead to a loss. There is no guarantee that the objectives will be achieved or that the CPD tokens will always have or maintain value within the Company's ecosystem.

No one contemplates an economic return for the purchase of the CPD, and purchasers should not buy CPD for any speculative purposes. The participation in the sale of the CPD token must not have any expectation of benefits, dividends, capital gains, financial performance, or any other return, payment, or income of any kind.

Frédéric HUBIN
Member of the Board
Dream Finance OÜ

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