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Get up to 50% discount
with $CPD

4 usual steps to the big economy: buy/accept, stake, pay fees, and promote $CPD.
How it works
You can get up to 50% discount
depending on the chosen CPD usage model
Grow deposits volumes and Stake $CPD on your balance
Up to 20% off
Pay service fees in $CPD
Up to 20% off
Rund co-marketing with CoinsPaid
10% off
50% off
Buy, Earn or Accept $CPD from your clients
You can get up to 50% discount
depending on the chosen CPD usage model
How is the discount calculated?
Staking amount
Fee currency
The amount of $CPD on your balance at the moment when the discount is applied (e.g. when we process a payment for you)
Your 30-day transaction volume (in USDT equivalent) on all eligible operations: payment processing, conversions, etc.
The currency used to pay CoinsPaid fees: $CPD or something else. Paying fees in $CPD gives up to 20% discount.
Discount calculator
Find out how much you'll save with CPD – and how to make the discount even higher!
Promote CPD and get 10%
Complete any of the presented simple co-marketing steps with CoinsPaid and achieve an additional 10% discount.
Options 1 — Newsletters
Options 2 — SMM
Option 3 - Banners
✔ Send out a twice-monthly newsletter (we'll provide the text) to your users
Include a CoinsPaid banner or block in the newsletter template

✔ 2 CPD-related posts per month on all your corporate social media pages (we'll provide the texts
✔ A banner on the main page of your site
✔ Through banners on other pages
✔ A banner on the user account page
✔ Highlight the possibility to pay in CPD and receive a bonus by adding a button to the user account page
Option 4 - 'Pay in CPD' deposit bonus buttons (Coming Soon!)
*at least 10k total followers on all platforms are required to participate
* a newsletter list of at least 1k users is needed to participate
Get your 50% discount today
Save and earn. We'll guide you through every step.
Claim discount
Why CPD and why do you think it's a great asset for merchants and partners to have and use?
CPD is the first DeFi token designed with online merchants in mind. DeFi offers great opportunities to make and save money, but most DeFi protocols are difficult to understand unless you are an experienced user – to say nothing of the compliance & accounting difficulties.

That's why we at CoinsPaid decided to leverage our expertise with real-world businesses and crypto to create the first suite of DeFi products for merchants. With $CPD, DeFi becomes easy: you don't need to learn about bonding curves, impermanent loss, etc. Simply stake (hold) CPD in your account and enjoy the benefits.
Description of the token and its uses.
CPD is a multichain token: it runs on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. This is important, because it increases the audience (and potential demand) for the token. Multichain tokens are the future.

The main source of utility for CPD is that it makes holders eligible for big discounts on all CoinsPaid service fees (up to 50%). This includes the fees on payment processing and currency conversions (but not external deposits and withdrawals)

Another advantage is that CPD holders who participate in the affiliate/partner program for the CoinsPaid wallet get a higher revenue share (50% vs the standard 15%).
Where and how can I get CPD?
The easiest way to buy CPD is through your merchant back office for USDT ERC-20. This way you won't need to pay blockchain gas fees or bother with external exchanges.

If you want to try yourself at decentralized trading, you can also buy CPD at the following DEXes/AMMs:

  • Uniswap (Ethereum)

  • PancakeSwap (BSC)

  • PlasmaSwap (BSC)

  • SushiSwap (Polygon)
Note that you'll need a MetaMask wallet set up for Ethereum, Polygon, or BSC, plus some crypto in the wallet (ETH, BNB, or MATIC). Overall, we recommend purchasing CPD through the merchant dashboard. If you have any problems, your Account Manager will be happy to help.
Exchange pairs.
In the CoinsPaid merchant dashboard, CPD tokens can be purchased for USDT (ERC-20) - a stablecoin pegged to the dollar (1 USDT=1 USD) that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Additional pairs include CPD/BUSD on PancakeSwap and PlasmaSwap, as well as CPD/WETH and CPD/USDC on Uniswap.
Detailed explanation of the discount system and loyalty program.
All you need to get a discount is to hold CPD in your merchant account. The size of the discount depends on 3 things:

1) The amount of CPD on your balance at the moment when a transaction (payment, conversion) is processed;

2) Your transaction volume (in USDT) for all eligible operations (payment processing, conversions) in the 30 days preceding the transaction to which a discount is applied;

3) The currency used to pay the fees: CPD or something else. If you pay the fees in CPD, your discount is automatically increased by 20%.

You'll also get an extra 10% off if you participate in our CPD promo campaign, helping us to promote the token among your audience and partners.

20% off with max CPD stake and max 30-day volume + 20% if paying the fees in CPD + 10% for the promo campaign = 50%. Yes, that's 50% off all CoinsPaid service fees.
How will the fees be charged and how are the discounts calculated?
The discount is calculated and applied individually to each transaction using up-to-date 30-day volume and CPD stake size. Note that if you choose to pay the fees in CPD to get an extra 20% off, you'll need to keep track of your CPD balance so that it doesn't go down below the threshold of the lower discount rate.

The 10% promo discount will remain active as long as you participate in CPD promo campaign.

You can always check how much you've paid in fees for each transaction in the merchant dashboard.
Will I be able to see the equivalent in FIAT of the fees I am charged in CPD?
Yes, this information will be displayed before you confirm any operation in your merchant dashboard in USDT equivalent (1 USDT=1 USD).
Will I be able to see how much I am saving when using CPD compared to what I would have paid if not using/holding it?
Yes, it will be displayed in the fees tab in your dashboard. You will see two values: old and new. If you click the 'Pay fees in CPD' switch, you'll automatically get an additional 20% discount, and the displayed fee rates will change again.
Participate in CoinsPaid airdrop.
If you'd like to try using CPD in your business, we can send you some tokens for free. This is called an airdrop – a free token distribution, fairly common in crypto. Please contact us to get your airdrop.
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