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Bitcoin payment processing gateway and business crypto wallet

Accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and other digital currencies with a leading crypto payment gateway.
Receive, send, store, exchange, and pay in cryptocurrency with a security audited crypto wallet.
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by January 2023
Over €19B
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with crypto since 2014
Over €1B
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All crypto services for business in one place

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Payment gateway

Our Crypto Payment system helps any type of online business accept crypto payments and receive an equal amount in the national currency of their choice instantly or hold it and pay with crypto to their partners and affiliates.
For example, one of the best cases is when merchants receive Ethereum as payments from their customers, convert it in USD to avoid any risks and then conversion required amount in fiat to crypto for settlements with partners.

Exchange &
OTC desk

Businesses can exchange BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP and 20+ other cryptocurrencies to dozens of national currencies at the best rates and with no hidden fees. Fiat on and off ramps supported.

*OTC is available for exchange operations over 1M EUR.

Hot wallet (custody)

Cryptocurrency hot wallet system aimed at businesses whose model requires a scalable and secure environment for the management of digital asset (acceptance, storage, and withdrawal of digital assets to multiple addresses). This is an essential function for crypto exchanges, digital wallets, payment gateways solutions, merchant services and other businesses with similar requirements.

Crypto SaaS solution

This is a cost-effective opportunity to start their own digital currency payment business and become a crypto payment system or cryptocurrency service for merchants under their own brand out of the box.

CoinsPaid Explorer

This tool helps businesses monitor all internal transactions in the CoinsPaid ecosystem with one click and keep their reporting system organised.
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Manage your digital assets in a security audited crypto wallet app.

crypto wallet

Receive, store and send 15+ cryptocurrencies on 5 different blockchains in the best crypto wallet. Exchange all supported digital assets to 16 fiat currencies at the best rates.

"Buy Bitcoin and another crypto with bank cards" is coming.
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We are in media

Cryptocurrency gateway: what is it, why to use it, and who needs it?

Classic fiat currencies no longer work. At least, they no longer work to the same extent as before, and cryptocurrencies are now in the limelight. Cryptocurrencies have become very important in recent years, both because of their growing popularity and because of geopolitics. This is the main reason for the explosive growth of the industry.
Following individuals who got their Bitcoin or, let's say, Ethereum wallets, companies began to do the same. This is where the need for a convenient cryptocurrency gateway comes in.

Cryptocurrency payment gateway

Simply put, a crypto payment gateway is a technology and a service. The "Service" part is what the end-user can see. What lies below is "technology". Its closest counterpart in the case of fiat money is a bank processing gateway, which is triggered the moment you pay with a bank card or by other "traditional way". In the case of crypto, it's the same. The mechanism allows for secure "user-crypto exchange-store" transactions.

Fiat to crypto payment gateway

It's worth noting here that the systems described above are not separate. In our case, this means that the gateway allows fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions without any complexity. The transaction chain in this case is longer, but the result remains the same. The user will be able to pay for a product or service using fiat money, and the seller will receive the cryptocurrency to the account (or vice versa). Security in both cases is guaranteed by KYC.

What is KYC?

The acronym KYC can be decoded as "know your consumer", or "know your customer", It will be true in both cases. A KYC provider secures transactions by verifying the user. In the process of registration in the payment system, the participant enters his data, allowing him to be identified with confidence and to prove his trustworthiness. In case when any user-related information is changed (name for example) the procedure will have to be repeated.
In the traditional banking, KYC protocols is familiar to any credit card holder. It is for example withdrawal limits, that require proof of identity for significant overdraft.
Usually, KYC providers make serious restriction to unverified users. Without proper confirmation in the system, the user has access only to the most basic functions of the payment system.

Crypto payment gateway no KYC provider

Why does a user need a crypto payment gateway, no KYC gateway? There are at least three reasons:
  • Anonymity. Many investors prefer not to advertise where they put their money, and believe that money likes silence.
  • Access to a wider list of cryptocurrencies. Not everyone wants to work with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple, and prefer other currencies, including those specifically created for the sake of anonymity.
  • Speed. Some crypto traders simply don't want to wait, and are willing to take slightly higher risks than in KYC systems. Crypto payment gateway no KYC entry can be as fast as "click & go". No unneeded barriers added. Amount of risks are also debatable. As practice shows, the difference in the security of KYC b no KYC providers is not as big as is commonly believed. More than that. There are crypto payment gateway open source, that means everyone can)and will) check that no hidden catch in the software
    The question arises, what is the best payment gateway?

Best crypto payment gateway

There is no such one. Since the available payment services differ markedly in many parameters, it only makes sense to talk about the best variant "for you" and for "today".
This is due to the fact that the cryptocurrency market is very dynamic and crypto-finance services need to adjust and change accordingly. So what is perfect for today will not be good enough tomorrow.
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