Get a reward for your effort!
Let's share information about the CPD token and CoinsPaid products.
Complete tasks, achieve common goals and get rewards.
Let me tell you about our mission, which sounds like a "Bring joy and simplicity to the world of crypto payments."
And I am really convinced that's only together with our best community we will be able to achieve the main goal. Let's grow together!
Max Krupyshev
CoinsPaid CEO & co-founder
We are glad invited to participate
The program is open to everyone. By completing exciting tasks to help grow the CoinsPaid ecosystem, ambassadors will be rewarded with the $CPD token.
Existing thematic community
If you already have your own communities(the community should be on the topic related to cryptocurrencies/blockchain), you can complete goals such as reposting from the official telegram channel CoinsPaid, writing author posts about the project, holding AMA sessions and getting monthly rewards. After registration, you will know more about the rules in our private Discord.
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New community dedicated only to CPD / CoinsPaid
If you want to create a new community and develop it with us, you will need to fulfil goals such as posting news several times a week, holding Q&A or AMA events, building the community and making original content. And you will get monthly rewards. After registration, you will know more about the rules in our private Discord.
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Ambassador program CoinsPaid
Together with us, you will grow exponentially and make the most of your resources to increase your influence.
Build the Future Web
Be on a team of like-minded people who are building the future of financial technology. Bring joy and simplicity to the world of crypto payments.
Boost your events & Be in trend
We make events where we're presenting, exhibiting or just attending. Reach out, we'd love to connect. You can also make an event yourself.
Get Rewarded & Have an Impact
Join a team of influ to earn engagement-based rewards through building a community that supports the overall CoinsPaid ecosystem.
A monthly pool of ~ 206,700 CPD tokens
is allocated, where 62,000 (30%) belongs to the category of the existing thematic community and 144,700 (70%) to the category that develops the community about CPD
Take part in the ambassador program
- Fewer ambassadors at the start - the higher the reward

- The higher your individual result - the higher the reward
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