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CoinsPaid offers ready-to-use crypto payment solutions tailored to your every need.CoinsPaid offers ready-to-use crypto payment solutions tailored to your every need.
Standing at the forefront of mass adoption, our products help people gear up for the new era of digital assets.Standing at the forefront of mass adoption, our products help people gear up for the new era of digital assets.


CoinsPaid Ecosystem Review
  • Business Wallet
    Instant crypto payments with no technical integration Learn more
  • Payment Gateway
    №1 cryptocurrency payment gateway for businesses Learn more
  • Point of Sale
    Instant crypto payments without complex technical integration
  • SaaS
    Ready-to-use crypto business under your own brand Learn more
  • OTC Desk
    Premium experience for large trades with a high-grade security Learn more
  • Hot Wallet
    A custom system for receiving, storing and sending cryptocurrencies Learn more
  • CoinsPaid Media
    Online portal for crypto insights and education Learn more
The #1 *as cryptocurrency services supplier
by the EGR B2B Awards 2023
Crypto Payment Gateway in the world
*as cryptocurrency services supplier
by the EGR B2B Awards 2023
Highly Acclaimed: Best Blockchain Payments Initiative 2023
Winner of the ‘Cryptocurrency Services Supplier 2023‘ Award
Best Crypto Payment Gateway for High-Volume Transactions 2023
Winner of the ‘Leading Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions 2023 - Estonia‘ Award
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Max Krupyshev  CEO CoinsPaid 
Max Krupyshev CEO CoinsPaid
CEO Coinspaid
CEO Coinspaid

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CoinsPaid is an EU-licensed crypto payment provider that complies with KYB/AML regulations and has successfully passed multiple independent cybersecurity audits. 
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CoinsPaid is an international crypto company with
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A brand new, exciting niche marketing opportunity is exactly what we deliver to our clients when it comes to accepting crypto payments. It's the task of my team to educate the world on what we have to offer – to shout about the benefits of crypto processing until they echo from the hills.

Eugen Kuzin

Head of Marketing and PR

Eugen Kuzin

I find myself constantly inspired by the faced-paced evolution of the cryptocurrency landscape. ConsPaid, for me, represents the very spearhead of this widening gyre. It's exciting to be here, for sure. Moreover, my role allows me to visualise how our suite of products are being used in the real world.

Siarhei Dubovik

Head of Financial Institutions Management and Partnerships

Siarhei Dubovik

I'm honored to lead a team that is relentlessly dedicated, innovative, and driven. Each member plays a critical role in navigating the exciting and constantly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency.

Max Krupyshev

Chief Executive Officer

Max Krupyshev

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FAQ: Accepting crypto payments

CoinsPaid is an ecosystem of cryptocurrency payment solutions. We cater to businesses and individuals, providing a variety of customizable tools to accept and send cryptocurrency. Our most popular product is, a cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows businesses to accept crypto payments instantly and effortlessly.

Cryptocurrency payments are legal in numerous countries: Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Argentina, Ireland, the UK, etc. Some states, such as El Salvador and Central African Republic, announced Bitcoin official tender. There, BTC serves as an official payment solution, while goods and services can be paid in crypto

CoinsPaid resides in Tallinn, Estonia. The company works in jurisdictions that accept cryptocurrency and offers a cryptocurrency payment processor that fully abides by AML and KYB regulations. To guarantee a transparent environment, we perform independent financial audits. Additionally, our cryptocurrency payment solution features 2 risk-scoring systems to detect suspicious activity.

CoinsPaid features instruments to send and accept crypto payments for business clients and individuals. Our b2b crypto ecosystem consists of the following cryptocurrency payment solutions:

  • Crypto payment gateway: the largest crypto payment mechanism in the world when it comes to monthly transaction volume.
  • Business Wallet: a cryptocurrency payment system that allows leveraging crypto payments with no technical integration.
  • OTC Desk: a service that facilitates crypto exchanges over €1M off public exchanges privately, preserving liquidity.
  • POS terminal: a solution that allows to accept crypto as a payment for offline business models.
  • Hot wallet system: enables businesses to easily deposit, store, and withdraw various popular cryptocurrencies, ensuring fast transactions due to their operation of blockchain nodes.
  • Crypto processing SaaS: a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to run their own crypto processing business under their own brand and legal entity.

The ecosystem also includes CoinsPaid Media: an educational service that publishes the industry news, events, forecasts, articles about the disadvantages and benefits of cryptocurrency in business, etc.

B2B refers to business-to-business interactions within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. B2B crypto companies are involved in transactions, collaborations and services between companies rather than individual consumers. Activities encompass:

  • Crypto exchanges catering to institutional investors,
  • Blockchain providers offering solutions to enterprises,
  • B2B crypto payments operators serving businesses,
  • And more.

B2B crypto interactions make it easier for businesses to accept crypto payments. On top of that, b2b crypto payment integration advance efficiency and scalability.

CoinsPaid supports over 20 most popular crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether. Also, the inbuilt crypto payment API can convert cryptocurrencies into fiat at the best market rates on-the-fly. There are 40 supported fiat currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, etc.

Withdrawal limits vary depending on the user’s verification level, security measures and the cryptocurrency withdrawn. Limits ensure security and compliance with regulations. Users need to complete identity verification to increase withdrawal limits.

We create solutions for businesses to accept crypto payments in the most efficient way. CoinsPaid clients can choose from a variety of payment options, including the most used ones: channels, invoices, payment links, and plugins.

CoinsPaid allows businesses and individuals to pay and accept payments in crypto, as well as reduce processing costs via lower fees. With traditional banking, fees can go as high as 5%, while the CoinsPaid transaction fee is less than 1%. Moreover, we don’t charge any set-up or monthly hidden fees.

The best way to secure crypto payments for your business is to employ a crypto payment processor. Crypto gateways, like CoinsPaid, allow businesses to accept cryptocurrency legally, securely and cost-efficiently. If you choose CoinsPaid as your crypto payment provider, you will enjoy free set-up and integration.

Crypto payment provider CoinsPaid utilizes the blockchain technology to enable crypto payment processing between merchants and customers. With such a crypto processor, businesses can accept digital assets from users from almost all over the world quickly and securely.