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About us

CoinsPaid is an organisation providing cryptocurrency payment services. We enable businesses to operate worldwide, decrease costs and reach new markets using reliable cryptocurrency processing methods.


We support over 30 cryptocurrencies and counting.

The CoinsPaid ecosystem was developed in 2014 by Merkeleon as the processing tool for its turnkey cryptocurrency exchange solution. Merkeleon is the driving force behind CoinsPaid, dedicated to the technologic and business development of the brand.

Merkeleon Gmbh originated from SoftSwiss, a leading gambling software developer, and began its activity in 2009 as an auction software provider. Merkeleon has been successfully developing software for online businesses since then, with an emphasis on software for the cryptocurrency industry in the last 6 years.

In 2018, the Merkeleon SaaS for crypto exchange became the first software in its field to be security audited by Kaspersky Lab, with the CoinsPaid gateway as its key component. In 2019 Merkeleon became a registered partner of Kaspersky Lab in Europe and offers services such as software audit and audit of smart contracts and other cryptographic technologies from a leader in cybersecurity.

In 2018, CoinsPaid entered the market as a separate brand.

In order to provide a secure legal service to its customers, CoinsPaid conducts its operations through Kindermatica Ltd, registered in the UK, one of the most reliable jurisdictions for conducting a cryptocurrency business.

The CoinsPaid processing mechanism is already being used by over 150 online casinos and other online businesses as the main method for accepting cryptocurrency payments. It has proven its reliability, stable throughput, high level of security and processing speed.

The goal of CoinsPaid is to create the perfect processing system for business and an easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet for users, linking crypto and fiat markets. The development of CoinsPaid products is implemented with a focus on the needs of several industries, starting with online gambling.

Our mission statement:


A company of passionate people creating incredible products


A team that embodies creativity and hard work


A place where attention to detail meets attentive service.


A business driven by understanding our customers’ needs.

Our story



The development of custodial service. Getting financial licenses. External audit of assets security.


3,000,000 CoinsPaid Wallet users. 700 clients of the Cryptocurrency Processing.



The instant exchange to fiat is launched. CoinsPaid Wallet is under development. Automatic payout feature is added.


Auto exchange of altcoins to Bitcoin is released. Fiat payments for the businesses. CoinsPaid Wallet beta testing.


Rebranding and renaming to cryptoprocessing.com. The feature of invoices in Cryptocurrency Processing. The start of private blockchain development.


Plugin Pay for business. Regular payments in the Processing. Mass Pay feature in the Wallet. The Wallet is released. Fiat operations for Wallet users. The development of iOS and Android apps for the Wallet.



CoinsPaid Processing is out in the market


CoinsPaid has over 70 Bitcoin casino clients


CoinsPaid processes 130M EUR worth of transactions in 2018


CoinsPaid becomes an internal Merkeleon service


The development of CoinsPaid Cryptocurrency Processing starts


Merkeleon created

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