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your #1 crypto payment gateway by CoinsPaid

We do not process bank cards here. We popularise new financial instruments - blockchain payments.
Accept payments in 30+ crypto-currencies from end users around the world.
Get paid in USD, EUR, GBP and other fiat currencies directly to your bank account.
Shortlisted as innovation in payment solution
Shortlisted as headline payment company
Shortlisted as payment innovation of the year

Why you should integrate
our crypto payment gateway

Save up to 80% on fees vs traditional PSPs

Boost conversion rate up to 35%

Achieve 100% global coverage

100% acceptance rate for any business type

iGaming & online entertainment

Our payment gateway helps iGaming businesses to accept deposits in cryptocurrency from any region, instantly crediting the gambler's account with an equal amount in the national currency of their choice.
100% acceptance and settlement rates are real for now!

Forex and Binary


Software vendors

Our processor is an ideal coin payment solution for the Forex industry.
Multi-currency support, a built-in exchange of 50+ currencies, multi-account management, and an extensive reporting system are only some of the features developed for Forex businesses.
Our crypto payment processing is a robust solution for online stores to accept Bitcoin and 30+ other digital assets. We provide a simple and secure invoicing system in cryptocurrency with no exchange rate risk for both parties: merchants and buyers.
Our crypto payment gateway is a borderless method with 99.9% uptime and no exchange rate risks: a user pays in cryptocurrency, and a merchant instantly receives an equal amount in the fiat currency of their choice. Recurring payments are supported as well.

Leisure activities

Our service provides a range of cryptocurrency payment methods to your customers that fit every business model: invoices, payment links, recurring payments and channels. Integrate the best payment gateway in your platform and increase your conversion rate.

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Find the payment method
that suits you best

A simple deposit in cryptocurrency that is not tied to a specific fiat amount and time.
A deposit in cryptocurrency tied to a
specific fiat amount which needs to be settled in a short period of time. Recommended for iGaming.
Plug and Pay
A deposit method in cryptocurrency based on recurring and seamless top-ups with a single sign-in.
We spent two years building our own crypto processing system, but the result wasn't what we expected. Some transactions got lost, or we got 0 confirmations, etc. Finally we decided to switch to Cryptoprocessing.com – and we got everything we had hoped for. A smoothly working gateway where payments are never lost, with fast processing times etc. Thanks a lot to the team!
Working with Cryptoprocessing.com by CoinsPaid helped us streamline our payments a lot. In the gaming business, speed and fees matter a lot. Crypto lifts a lot of restrictions on payments, so implementing crypto payments is a must. It can also be very complicated, lots of things can go wrong. So if you want to integrate crypto, a reliable and secure partner is a must. We've had a great experience working with Cryptoprocessing.com so far, no issues at all. Highly recommended.
N1 Partners
We were voted the number one eSports supplier of the year for the second time, and in part this success is thanks to Cryptoprocessing.com by CoinsPaid. We were among the first to offer betting on eSports in crypto, and Cryptoprocessing.com gateway was a great choice for that. We already accept 7 different cryptocurrencies, and Cryptoprocessing.com instantly converts them into the currency we need. Crypto betting is the future – we're glad that we realized it and found the guys from Cryptoprocessing.com.

Some testimonials from our customers

Open for growth? Work with leaders.

Top service by number of processed transactions in iGaming
Years working with cryptocurrency.
Businesses entrust their transactions to us from more than 5M customers.
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