Compliance check failed, what do I do next?
If automatic-check attempts are failed, please contact support at help@coinspaid.com. Our compliance officers will manually check the data you submitted and in case something is missing or in case of being not eligible to use CoinsPaid Wallet, they'll contact you to either ask for another doc to submit or to explain what exactly you might not be eligible. In case of a successful pass, you'll get a notification email.
I've lost my 2FA code, how can I recover it?
In this case, please contact support at help@coinspaid.com, they'll reset it for you.
I have a new device, how do I transfer google Authenticator data?
  1. Download app “Google Authenticator” (for iOS or Android) on your mobile phone
  2. Open Google Authenticator, press the “+” button and scan QR-code or copy-paste to add an account
  3. Use generated code
How do I delete my account?
In order to delete your account data from our system, please contact support at help@coinspaid.com, and they will remove it for you.
What is the monthly withdrawal limit?
  • Zero Level — €0.00
  • Limited Level — €1,000
  • Full Level — €10,000
How to buy crypto using fiat?
Currently, you need to perform 2 transactions to achieve that: first, you make a fiat deposit to your CoinsPaid Wallet. After your deposit is approved, you need to exchange fiat to crypto.