How to attract crypto users to your website?
In our previous articles, we've discussed how accepting crypto can boost sales, deposits and conversions, and what you should know about crypto users and their payment preferences.

However, simply adding support for Bitcoin on a website isn't enough: you need to work on attracting crypto users and on motivating your existing customers to use cryptocurrency. Based on our extensive market experience, we've made a list of the most effective techniques to generate more crypto users for your business.

7 ways to attract crypto users

1. Buttons & popups

Add a set of well-designed payment icons with coin logos in strategic spots on your website: regular crypto users instantly notice such logos. It's also a good idea to create a popup that appears on the checkout or deposit page to inform users they can now pay in Bitcoin.

2. Social media marketing: Twitter & Facebook

Though both Twitter and Facebook banned crypto advertising in 2018, it's still possible to grow your crypto-paying audience on these platforms using several techniques:

  • Promotion on your brand's business page or group
  • Giveaways: e.g. pay with BTC/USDT to win exclusive branded merchandise or a free gift
  • Special offers: e.g. a discount on a product when paying in Bitcoin, a rebate to compensate for the mining fee when paying for a more expensive product, or a welcome bonus
  • Influencer marketing: one of the most efficient ways to attract crypto users (see below)

3. SEO

Your website, marketing content, blog, and social media pages will need to be optimized for the crypto audience. This requires careful keyword planning (including an analysis of the keywords used by competing businesses) and the creation of new content, such as blog posts.

4. Influencer marketing

Influencer integrations on Twitter, YouTube, and blogging platforms like Medium are one of the most efficient ways to attract crypto payers, especially in Latin America, the European Union, and Russia, where cryptocurrency adoption rates are high.

To maximize the effect, it's important to provide each influencer with a detailed SEO-optimized brief that explains your product and includes keywords, tags, sample headers, etc.

5. Context ads, banners, and affiliate networks

Google and Facebook banned crypto advertising years ago, but it's still possible to run a successful ad campaign as long as you know how to circumvent moderation. VK is a great alternative if you sell products and services to Russian-speaking users.

You will also need to advertise your product using banners on crypto websites through ad networks like Coinzilla, Coinverti, Adex, Bitmedia, Cointraffic, Conad, or A-Ads. Quality visuals and careful wording are also crucial to turn impressions into clicks.

Finally, advertising through crypto affiliate networks yields good results. Just like in any other affiliate network, crypto affiliate marketers will advertise your products to drive users to your site and receive an affiliate commission.

6. Press releases and media placements

Prepare a press release about the launch of crypto payments on your site, together with a couple of expert articles about your industry that include a native mention of your business and of the fact you accept crypto. This is a good way to obtain free media placements and brand mentions, which will help you rank higher on Google.

7. Aggregator sites and directories

Add your business to online directories that list crypto-friendly merchants. They include Cryptowisser, CryptWerk, Crypto Places Directory, BitcoinWide, PayBitcoin, Spendabit, GreenPages, etc. Many users search in these directories when they want to buy something with crypto, so it's a good source of new customers.

How to encourage existing users to start paying in crypto

Try to get as many of your users as possible to pay with crypto: this way you'll save more on payment costs and avoid chargebacks.

  • Place bright, attention-grabbing crypto payment buttons and logos on your site to generate interest.
  • Launch discounts and bonuses for those who pay with crypto. Publicize these discounts on your site, on social media, and through the newsletter.
  • Publish a beginner's guide on where and how to buy crypto with a bank card or e-wallet, how to get a crypto wallet etc.
  • Keep educating the users: a good idea is a Telegram chatbot that acts both as a guide and a communication tool.

Merchants that integrate crypto payments experience a 70-90% drop in payment costs and a significant rise in conversions. Ultimately, however, the effect will depend on how well you promote the crypto payment option on your website. Over 7 years in this business, we've acquired a lot of expertise in attracting crypto users, and we're always happy to help and advise our merchants on marketing matters.
If you'd like to explore how crypto payments can help your business, get in touch with us: CoinsPaid managers will be pleased to provide a free consultation.
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