CoinsPaid Celebrates Success at Latitude59 for the Second Year in a Row

The Latitude59 conference, held in May 2024 in Tallinn, brought together tech ecosystems from around the world, establishing Estonia as a hub where technology and finance intersect.

The event provided a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and the brightest minds in the startup ecosystem to learn, connect, and network. Building on the success of the previous year, attendees at Latitude59 had the opportunity to effortlessly purchase their conference tickets using various cryptocurrencies through the Fienta ticket platform, thanks to the user-friendly solutions provided by CoinsPaid.

In his opening speech, Alar Karis, the President of Estonia, emphasised the need for tech-minded entrepreneurs in Europe: “Europe needs tech-minded entrepreneurs like you who can use their knowledge and capital gains from the digital and app boom to turn ideas developed in universities into market-ready products. Politicians and leaders are often expected to provide answers, but the real answers are in your minds and need to be voiced by you. You have an important role in contributing ideas on how to build a better state.”

Liisi Org, Latitude59 CEO, echoed these sentiments, emphasising that this year’s keywords are CONNECTION and RESPONSIBILITY: “Connection because we all need it, and responsibility because we all need to take responsibility for the tech we are creating.”

The two-day conference was full of inspiration, innovation, and connection. As one of the key partners, CoinsPaid had a booth on the first floor where attendees could get on a bike and pedal to make the blender work before enjoying a smoothie. Good weather and the general mood allowed us to maximise the event, diving deep into the internationally focused Estonian startup ecosystem.

On the Future Stage, our CEO, Max Krupyshev, gave a keynote address: “Is Crypto the Next Frontier of Payments?” in front of a packed crowd.

At the stage, attendees could join visionary discussions exploring the forefront of innovation and pressing challenges in the ecosystem, with essential topics such as deep tech and sustainability, not to mention the global village and diversity. The Late Afternoon Show, led by Matt C. Smith was certainly a highlight!

Another highlight, undoubtedly, was the special side event hosted by CoinsPaid. Guests could experience one of the best views of Tallinn from the terrace of our company’s headquarters. The event began with welcome drinks and arrivals, followed by a speech from our CEO, Max Krupyshev. It then concluded with networking, activities, and a memorable pre-party where guests connected and shared insights over delicious food and drinks in a vibrant setting.

Overall, Latitude59 was a truly invaluable event that brought together entrepreneurs, investors, and the brightest minds in the startup ecosystem under one roof to learn, connect, and network. At CoinsPaid, we believe that entrepreneurial minds, inspiring leadership, lean companies, and proactive governments are the way forward in creating the digital future.