iGaming leader: CoinsPaid has a bulletproof technological basis

With the rise of cryptogateways these days, CoinsPaid has been working hard to beat the competitors and provide trusted and secure solutions for our clients across iGaming, betting and crypto sectors. We are glad to present you the premium client that has had a longstanding interest in CoinsPaid. SoftSwiss is a leading provider of iGaming solutions across Europe. Coinspaid has developed cryptopayment gateway processing to satisfy SoftSwiss needs in a safe and instant cryptogateway. We spoke with Max Trafimovich, Chief Commercial Officer at SoftSwiss about the partnership results and long-term plans.

What solution did you need?

We were in need of a solution that gives us stability and that we can fully trust. Unlike most other solutions out there whose operations and business practices are not 100% transparent, with CoinsPaid we finally received the ability to fully control cryptocurrency wallets used for processing.

Does Coinspaid stand out from the crowd of competitors? Why choose it?

From what we see, CoinsPaid’s philosophy is “first things first”. They prioritized the sheer quality and stability of their processing engine over everything else. The solution might not be super rich in features just yet (though we know many more are coming in Q1 2019!), but the bulletproof technological basis is here and it all works like a charm.

Describe the process of cryptoprocessing launch.

It was smooth on the CoinsPaid side. From our side it required a really easy integration and some database/platform configurations, to allow for the support of alt-coins that CoinsPaid brought in.

From what we see, CoinsPaid’s philosophy is “first things first”. They prioritized the sheer quality and stability of their processing engine over everything else.


Do you think that Coinspaid will have an impact on your product?

Sure thing! Payments are the backbone of the online casino industry, just like the games themselves. With a trusted tool for processing cryptocurrency payments, the value delivered by our whole product – the SoftSwiss online casino management platform – has increased.

Would you like to make a special mention of people you cooperated with? What was the attitude of Coinspaid people towards your project? Support, developers, account, project managers.

We have been cooperating with the team behind CoinsPaid for years. It was this team that implemented the original Bitcoin processing module (we could say, the grandfather of CoinsPaid) for our gambling software platform. This helped us roll out the first-ever Bitcoin casino with RNG games back in 2013. So we know these guys very well, and we knew them “before crypto was cool”. Totally satisfied with our close partnership.

Any plans to cooperate once again in the long future?

Yes! We will reveal all these plans once they shape up!

About the company: SoftSwiss is a leading provider of software solutions for iGaming and online casino markets. Since 2008, SoftSwiss has been delivering cutting-edge software developed by best specialists in the industry. The organization is an internationally recognized business partner with a thick portfolio of success stories.

SoftSwiss iGaming software is developed and maintained by highly skilled personnel: creative designers, experienced technical specialists deliver a stable, fast and entertaining gaming experience around the world.

About the company: CoinsPaid is a leading cryptopayment gateway for online businesses that provide a secure, fast and stable environment for its partners from iGaming, iBetting and FinTech sectors. The CoinsPaid clients get reliable technical support and advanced processing solutions that have an immediate impact on a product.

The service supports +10 coins including, BTC, BCH, LTC, and XMR. We make our customers happy providing a robust solution developed by tech-savvy specialists. Coinspaid believes that it can make a great change in the cryptoindustry by making processing accessible for all companies.

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