How to accept Ethereum payments?

Ethereum, certainly, turned out to be the most successful altcoin so far. Know how to start accepting payments in Ethereum on your website
Ethereum, certainly, turned out to be the most successful altcoin so far. Due to the network effects it is expected to continue to evolve promptly in the future.
Furthermore, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum also grows very fast. It means that transaction is far more transcendent than Bitcoin. The time required for a Bitcoin to receive one transaction takes 10 minutes, while Ethereum can do the same confirmation for the shortest time.
According to some Bitcoin fluctuating many traders went through and used alternative currencies, such as DASH or Bitcoin Cash to process their transactions. And at the same time, many of them fall back on to the second most popular cryptocurrency – Ethereum.
At this moment a lot of companies with different spheres of activity accept Ethereum as payment method:
  • Overstock – a popular online store that accept Ethereum deals with home improvement. They offer goods such as furniture, electronics, jewelry and some stuff for décor.
  • – provides VPS hosting service with the use of latest technologies for customer satisfaction.
  • Cryptopet – it is an accessories shop for pets in Ether payment and other cryptocurrencies.
  • TapJets – it is biggest aviation company in the USA with private jet booking platform in crypto.
There is only a short list of companies who accepts Ethereum.If you are in online business it will be a good idea to start accepting cryptocurrencies like Ethereum to attract the attention of the public, increase the popularity of your business and getting on with the emerging trends. Moreover, accepting Ethereum payment you provide your customers with maximum security of transactions as it is used smart contract apps. ETH(Ethereum) easier compared to other digital currencies and it is simplifying for user to control the process of handling transactions.
But the main question how to accept Ethereum payments api on your website? As a seller, you do not have to waste a lot of time developing your own payment tools in order to accept it as payment for goods and services at your online store. Developing those tools can take time for those willing to accept as many cryptocurrencies as possible. Nowadays, you can instead use payment processors and gateways. For this purpose, you will need to find reliable vendor to implement Ethereum payment gateway.
Coinspaid makes it easy to receive customer payments in most popular cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum. The main advantages of this processing: high-speed transactions, low fees, instant connection within 1 day, automated operations, professional technical support, cloud-based infrastructure, hacker attacks prevention and functional interface with full control of funds movement.
It is easy to start developing your business right now by connecting Coinspaid Crypto Payment Gateway api, contact us and we will do your business better.

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